Friday, July 30, 2010

Wrap-up of Thank You's

I finished making the last few cards for my crew today.
Here are a couple:
I made this one using some wrapping paper I saved as a color inspiration.
I use this pastel color theme a lot, but I don't think I'll ever get sick of it.
It's girly but light and still catchy.

Have a marvelous day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lots of Thanks!

Tons of thanks have to go out to my stage crew
and even some actors/actresses that helped me out this summer.
These are a few of them,
I still have more to make-
the work never ends-but at least this work is fun!

You Missed it!

I made pound cake, brownies, cupcakes, and cobbler.
All of it was so good I didn't get any pictures of it!
I guess I have to make some more and be better at documenting it.
I did steal some pictures off facebook of the cast of MAME enjoying the cupcakes.
It looks like everyone liked them!
I'll be back later today with some cards from last night.

PS If you're in Waupaca check out MAME
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
all at 7:30!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finding the Beauty

For the past few evenings I've been hard at work
changing scenes for Mame,
and in the off time I sometimes do a jig
in time to the music that always seems to accompany these musicals.
When I'm feeling adventurous I venture further and sing along with the experts!
Well we open tomorrow!
(7:30 be there!)
and we took a break from rehearsing for tonight.
This gave me the opportunity to enjoy the downpour we got all day.
When the weather was through I was able to sneak a kayak journey in before dust.
It was refreshing to get back out on the lake.
On the way back into the house I found this nifty spot of moss
and snapped a quick picture to share!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July . . .

This month has been so busy!
I got my sister back:
I'm stage managing the community theater production of MAME.
Opening night is Friday!
[Google Images]
I also got a new MacBook for college!
[Google Images]
I've been working two jobs and this is my first day off in about two weeks.
It's bitter sweet though cause my boss didn't have us come into work because she is sick. =(

I did get to have lunch with my dad and pick some raspberries.
Then I came home and make some scones out of the berries.
I even had some left over to snack on while I uploaded my photos.
Finally I celebrated my 19th year in this world last Friday,
nothing big, I didn't work a full day and I hung out with my family.