Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cookies. Super Chocolaty Ones!

Tuesday is my new baking day,
it being the day before knitting club
(sooner or later I'll remember to take some pictures and show you what I'm up to).

These cookies come from a blog I found on TasteSpotting.

I haven't tasted them yet.
But they were easy to make,
and the batter tasted good-
so they have to be semi-awesome at the very least.

Peace, love, and cookies,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be-Bop Boo-Bob Rhubarb Cupcakes!

I've made Rhubarb crisp, heard of Rhubarb jam and even Rhubarb pie,
but never have I ever imagined a Rhubarb cupcake.
It happened though.
 It was one of those recipes you try because you have to.
By knowing the recipe exists the gauntlet has been cast down.
I had no choice.

For those who don't know when someone-or in this case
throws down the gauntlet the challenge must be accepted.
There is no turning back.
The gauntlet throwing is like a double-dog-dare,
on steroids!

Scary stuff man.
Scary stuff.
 I whipped this together last night
doing my cooking dance around the kitchen
while listening to NCIS from the other room.
 Then magic happened.
Magic always happens when I bake,
but especially so when making Rhubarb.
Turning something that is rather (SUPER-DUBPER!) tart
into a dessert seems unnatural.
The kind of thing only magic (of the Harry Potter variety) can achieve.
They were good.
A do-again for sure.

May the force be with you.

PS: In case you noticed, which you probably did because you are, of coarse, very astute (being one of my blog readers you must be-also you're beautiful-thought you should know), I capitalized Rhubarb. Because it is a regal fruit(?).
As noted to make it into things requires magic (and sugar-lots of it.)
But it also requires respect-as all ingredients do-so they will work together for me.
Thats why I capitalize Rhubarb, just in case you were interested/worried about me/puzzled/intrigued. 
PPS: This post with all of its silliness is what happens when a tired girl gets a hold of the world wide web to explain how magical baking can be.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've Been Rather Busy

I went fishing with my dad and a good friend.
 I baked Allie french toast.
 And whipped up a quiche for Claire.
I also made rhubarb crisp
and blueberry muffins but I have no photo evidence.

I'll try and be better about posts and whatnot-really!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I cuddled with an oak tree.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Starting the Process

I've got a lot to scrap.
But I've got a whole summer to do it.
In between work and sleep I'll try to bob in and show you what I've been working on.
[Protesting in Madison]
 [Claire's Graduation Picture]
[Jackson's Birthday card]