Monday, December 12, 2011

Bits of a Monday

I realized I hadn't blogged in a while,
and I thought I should rectify that situation.
So here it is . . .
My life,
right before finals week.
I've locked myself in my room,
and the only reason you're hearing from me now is because
FINISHED that essay!
Not only did I finish it though,
Anyway, this is my life.
In my room.
Cause I couldn't leave it.

This is my drawer,
that hold my goodies.
I have candy,
but I also have (had would be a more accurate statement)
oatmeal scotchies that I made last night
with a really cool person,
before we watched White Christmas.
(Love that movie!)

This is one of two packages that came today.
This is a gift for a really classy girl.
The other was scrapbooking things.
(Opps indulgence!)

This was breakfast on top of the book I had to write an essay about.
Did I mention I FINISHED that?!?
I'm still pretty excited!

Here is my window sill.
It's pretty neat.
I have rosemary and moustaches right next to the picture in a frame (my daddy!)

This is my dog,
a long time ago.
And my second sock.

(An update for the knitters:
I turned the heel
and I might actually finish a pair by the end of the year!
Go me right!
Never thought this could actually happen!)

This is my wrapping.
Cause it's completely free.

I hope you have a good Monday!
I'm going to get back to homework.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Made Me Happy Today

Waking up to a light snowfall
Long names (hypens-included!)
My new(ish) boots
Exciting adventures planned (and also not) for this weekend
Blueberry bagels & raspberry tea
Plane tickets*
Ben & Jerry's finest

*that means an epic reunion, complete with running, squealing, hugs, and quite possibly tears