Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Twist on the Wisconsin Fish Fry

Yesterday was Friday, and there is a tradition here in the great state of Wisconsin to eat fish.
Best served fried.
People tell me it has something to do with the Catholics.
(It has more to do with good taste.)

So this past Friday I made some-
with a twist!

 This is the making of honey lime fish tacos.

With a combination of ingredients fresh from the garden to top off the tacos.
Kale, tomatos (not from the garden-but almost) and zucchini.

I love how light the fish turned out.
It didn't heat up the kitchen too much and it was fresh with the crisp veggies and lime marinade.

I encourage you all to give this recipe a try!

Just make sure to pair it with some watermelon!
It makes for a wonderful summer dinner!

Especially on a Friday night in Wisconsin.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Simple Cards

Way back in June
(This summer is SO busy-and flying by! I'm sorry for the lack of posts!)
I lead a group of teens at our local library in making cards!
The teen room had some supplies and a lot of paper to use up,
and I was happy to help them out with all of their too-much-paper-troubles.

 What I loved about this batch is not only that they happened-
time really is sparse, by that I mean time I want to do something other than nap.
No. I love how simple they all are.

These days I have all sorts of fun add-ons and my cards turn out busy.
Not that that's a bad thing,
it just is, and I didn't realize it until I was working on these. 

I brought stamps, ink and punches to craft with.
Things that are useful but couldn't really be ruined or used up if a ton of kids showed up.
With no ribbon and only one or two buttons I was challenged to come up with different fun ideas.

With that challenge I rediscover how awesome stamps can be.
And have you met busy paper?!
It's simply lovely!
Also color was a big theme.
Color in the right places-and the strategic lack of it in other places.

I hope you enjoy this simple offering as much as I enjoyed making them!

::Post Script::
It's a MOOSE!!