Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts From a Thursday . . .

Yesterday started like most Wednesdays.
At somewhere between 7 and 7:30 depending on the motivation.
A cup of tea and some cold wind add to the bad attitude to the two hour class I have in store.
I finished up with classes for the day though, and I released something.
I had no pressing homework.
I could take it all at a leisurely pace and at the end of the day
(6 o'clock on the dot)
I could stop and watch what was to be an exciting hockey game.
Then I got a voicemail.
I was on babysitting duty for some friends.

A few hours later I was sword fighting and running around with 3 boys.
I had the time of my life.
I was a little reluctant.
The Sabres were playing the Rangers!
(You would be too-really.)
But I made it happen.
I danced to Baby Mozart,
raced a video game car
(crashed would be a more accurate statement),
won a pillow fight,
lost another one,
and loved every minute of it.

I didn't grow up with boys.
They're gross and have coodies.
But I guess there are the occasional few
who put Clone War decals on their wall,
know the finesse it takes to jump up and down to classical music,
and understand the finer points of sword play,
and those guys are the ones that are all right in my book.

Thanks for a great night.

~Always an Adventure~

PS Sabres won and we're tied for 7th!
Way to steal my heart Enroth.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scrapbooking Break

The Buffalo Sabres game two-page-spread.
Not the most artsy,
but defiantly the most fun!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jambalaya and a Cookie Feeling

Supper tonight was Brown Rice Jambalaya
(via Big Girls Small Kitchen).
This was the first time I've made it,
also the first time I've ever had it.
Mark my words-
It will NOT be the last.
I love it.
I love my people.

We decided over supper that Katie and I will take vacations together.
We will go to places like
New Orleans,
pretty much the world.
Super excited!

Also, while setting the mood for the meal I put on The Princess and the Frog soundtrack.
If you haven't seen this yet, do.
Rent it,
stream it,
whatever you must do.
It's awesome!

Claire came home after work and I fixed her a second supper.
Off the cuff buttered noodles with tomatoes and parmesan.

I also got the cookie feeling.
I love that making chocolate chip cookies is no longer an activity.
It's a feeling,
an emotion.
I looked at Katie,
both of us still full from supper and said,
"I feel like we should make cookies."
Her reply was the best ever,
And that's why I made cookies.
No other reason.
Just a feeling.

Chocolate and Banana Love

Another TasteSpotting recipe.
This one was much easier.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Let the Adventures Begin!

I'm home.
Which means I'm baking!
I found this really cool website
and I've been stock piling recipes in preparation for this week.
The cupcakes weren't too sweet and were a little dry just on their own.
Paired with the frosting and it was perfect!
The frosting wasn't thick,
often a problem I have with cake toppings.
(Thank goodness for meringue!)
I picked the recipe thinking it would be interesting to try.
They were quite a lot of work,
and introduced me to the art of meringue making,
but it was all worth it!

Next up, dinner.
I made the one-dish chicken that you might remember me swearing against.
I tried it again.
This time under more guidance and with a better oven.
Much better results!

I've got to attend to the Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins in the oven.
Have a great Monday evening!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Noisy Weekend Part II

I woke up on Sunday morning too excited to be tired.
Mom dropped me off in Point,
the first stop in this journey,
and I got all suited up.

I wore #16 Pat Lafontaine.
(I think it was a sign, my birthday being the 16th and all.)

I got in another car and drove 3 hours straight to St. Paul MN.
The second capitol in as many days.

After a little get-to-know-you chat and dinner,
it was hockey time!
The Buffalo Sabres took on the Minnesota Wilds.
It was a super exciting game-
and I saw it LIVE!
We got up by one right away,
thanks to Pominville
with a beautiful set up courtesy of Vanek, and Montador.
It was the second period that the miracles were worked.
Rob Niedermayer got his first goal of the season!
I have faith that he'll finish off the season with a least one hat trick.
The Wilds made a comeback before the period ended though,
so we came into the third tied at two.
Without a goal, I still spent the third period on the edge of my seat.
There was shot after shot that should have gone in on either end of the ice.
McCormick got into a fight, and beat the guy.
So while not statistically impressive, I was excited!
Finally we ended the third tied.
With the one point ensured to the Sabres we had just pulled ourselves into 8th place in the Eastern Conference.
You know what that means?
The official "Sabres-are-in-the-playoffs" dance took up the third intermission.
We celebrated with the other Buffalo fans around us,
and then settled back in to bite our nails for the overtime period.
Stafford made my night.
Single-handedly throwing the puck back where it belonged.
And in the words of Adam,
"We all have a Stafford infection!"
So we won.
We're going to the playoffs.
And I'm defiantly going back.
I still have to see a Gerbe goal,
and Miller in the net!

I'm in love.

PS: This is a really good read, props to Adam (again).

Noisy Weekend Part I

There was a lot of driving this weekend.
I started by going home.
On Saturday I ventured down to Madison with my family
We walked around the capitol a few times,
held signs,
and tried to get into the building.
We were first in line when the clock struck four, and we were out of luck.
When our thighs were substantially numb we decided it was time for some grub.
After dinner we went to a Lou & Peter concert.
The concert benefited the Madison teacher union and was all around fun.

If you live in Wisconsin,
or Minnesota and Illinois for that matter,
I encourage you to stop by Madison.
Walk a few laps around the capitol.
It's a beautiful feeling.
Meeting people you'll probably never see again,
and feeling a brotherhood.
Standing together,
politely gathering asking to be heard.

So if you haven't been down, go.
If you have, thank you!