Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts From a Thursday . . .

Yesterday started like most Wednesdays.
At somewhere between 7 and 7:30 depending on the motivation.
A cup of tea and some cold wind add to the bad attitude to the two hour class I have in store.
I finished up with classes for the day though, and I released something.
I had no pressing homework.
I could take it all at a leisurely pace and at the end of the day
(6 o'clock on the dot)
I could stop and watch what was to be an exciting hockey game.
Then I got a voicemail.
I was on babysitting duty for some friends.

A few hours later I was sword fighting and running around with 3 boys.
I had the time of my life.
I was a little reluctant.
The Sabres were playing the Rangers!
(You would be too-really.)
But I made it happen.
I danced to Baby Mozart,
raced a video game car
(crashed would be a more accurate statement),
won a pillow fight,
lost another one,
and loved every minute of it.

I didn't grow up with boys.
They're gross and have coodies.
But I guess there are the occasional few
who put Clone War decals on their wall,
know the finesse it takes to jump up and down to classical music,
and understand the finer points of sword play,
and those guys are the ones that are all right in my book.

Thanks for a great night.

~Always an Adventure~

PS Sabres won and we're tied for 7th!
Way to steal my heart Enroth.

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