Monday, March 7, 2011

Noisy Weekend Part I

There was a lot of driving this weekend.
I started by going home.
On Saturday I ventured down to Madison with my family
We walked around the capitol a few times,
held signs,
and tried to get into the building.
We were first in line when the clock struck four, and we were out of luck.
When our thighs were substantially numb we decided it was time for some grub.
After dinner we went to a Lou & Peter concert.
The concert benefited the Madison teacher union and was all around fun.

If you live in Wisconsin,
or Minnesota and Illinois for that matter,
I encourage you to stop by Madison.
Walk a few laps around the capitol.
It's a beautiful feeling.
Meeting people you'll probably never see again,
and feeling a brotherhood.
Standing together,
politely gathering asking to be heard.

So if you haven't been down, go.
If you have, thank you!

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