Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jambalaya and a Cookie Feeling

Supper tonight was Brown Rice Jambalaya
(via Big Girls Small Kitchen).
This was the first time I've made it,
also the first time I've ever had it.
Mark my words-
It will NOT be the last.
I love it.
I love my people.

We decided over supper that Katie and I will take vacations together.
We will go to places like
New Orleans,
pretty much the world.
Super excited!

Also, while setting the mood for the meal I put on The Princess and the Frog soundtrack.
If you haven't seen this yet, do.
Rent it,
stream it,
whatever you must do.
It's awesome!

Claire came home after work and I fixed her a second supper.
Off the cuff buttered noodles with tomatoes and parmesan.

I also got the cookie feeling.
I love that making chocolate chip cookies is no longer an activity.
It's a feeling,
an emotion.
I looked at Katie,
both of us still full from supper and said,
"I feel like we should make cookies."
Her reply was the best ever,
And that's why I made cookies.
No other reason.
Just a feeling.

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