Monday, March 21, 2011

Let the Adventures Begin!

I'm home.
Which means I'm baking!
I found this really cool website
and I've been stock piling recipes in preparation for this week.
The cupcakes weren't too sweet and were a little dry just on their own.
Paired with the frosting and it was perfect!
The frosting wasn't thick,
often a problem I have with cake toppings.
(Thank goodness for meringue!)
I picked the recipe thinking it would be interesting to try.
They were quite a lot of work,
and introduced me to the art of meringue making,
but it was all worth it!

Next up, dinner.
I made the one-dish chicken that you might remember me swearing against.
I tried it again.
This time under more guidance and with a better oven.
Much better results!

I've got to attend to the Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins in the oven.
Have a great Monday evening!

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