Sunday, September 26, 2010

High River Adventures

If you haven't heard,
it rained a lot in the great state of Wisconsin.
Over the the city of Eau Claire the Chippewa River flooded.
This was a park,
now it's a pond,
complete with ducks!
We noticed this all on the way to the farmer's market on Saturday.
We got potatoes, carrots, a chicken, and a watermelon for supper.
On the way back to the dorm
we discussed if it was possible to look "sketch" with a watermelon.
I'll leave it up to you,
can someone look sketch with a watermelon?:
To eat the time between the farmer's market and supper we went to the mall.
I found a pretty cool hat.
After a quick stop at the grocery store
for some finishing touches on supper
we went back to the dorm and got to work.
We made Caesar salad with fresh tomatoes.
And chicken with vegetables.
It looks great,
but I swear here and now I will never make a chicken in the dorm again.
To all those who've ever considered taking on such a task,
All in all a good day.
Thanks Putnam for making in great!


  1. Okay - the chicken in the pict needs another hour in the oven. How was it once it was cooked?
    'Sketch'? Sure . . .

  2. I took the picture pretty early in the cooking process. It was good when it was done. We just didn't eat it all cause we weren't sure about the legs and decided to error on the side of caution. (So far so good, no one's sick!)