Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Times on the Home Front

I went home this weekend to spend some time with some of my favorite people.
The girls
(Katie, Claire, and I)
had a Chick Flick Movie night Friday night.
It was a little off cause the lava cake wasn't really lava-y,
and I was missing Allie and McCaulley.
(Some of the original chicks in CFMN)

The next day was a little off as well.
I drove to Point, made scones,
(that didn't hold together)
and cupcakes
(with lumpy frosting)

On the brighter side!
I learned how to throw, catch, pitch, and hit a softball.
Surprisingly enough
(not really if you know me)
I made it to the age of 19 and had never hit a ball without the use of a tee.
A big thanks to Adam for helping me out with that,
no matter how much he laughed at me in the process.

Saturday evening was spent with Katie.
On a date.
This is Adam after his Sammy Davis Jr. medley.
And the men in their grass skirts singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
After the concert Katie and I got some Cold Stone shakes,
and after doing two different ice cream dances,
we sipped up our chocolate goodness in Adam's breakfast nook.
Thank you to Katie for all of the pictures!
Thanks to those who made me laugh so much it hurt.
It was great fun.
Let's do it again sometime.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chalking it Up as Another Good Weekend!

I headed to Hudson this weekend for some family fun!
I went to a Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) meeting.
We made Christmas 48 trees for soldiers.
It was a pot luck and I got to make cheesecake!
After the meeting I got some time to hang out with resident young-one; Jax!
We drew with chalk . . .
made and frosted cupcakes,
(that I, sadly didn't get a picture of.) =(
played Monopoly,
and watched Toy Story 2.
Another fun filled wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple Fun Time

I went home for the first time this past weekend.
It was super busy.
First, there was John Green.
[All Stolen off Facebook]

I almost didn't make it,
but I did miss out on the dinner.
here are some pictures,
This is John Rick Rolling his audience (myself included) on Saturday.
And this is my (Awesome) sister getting our books signed.
(I was with my mom checking out another author.
After my excited time with John Green
(did I mention I shook his hand?!?!?!)
I got to hang out with my friends.
I took Katie out for lunch for her birthday
and then spent a super long time with Adam.
I made apple pie,
and watched Iron Man (one and two)
(really good movies!).
I played Taboo,
made tacos,
and didn't take ANY pictures.

Then I headed back to Putnam.

Now it's Tuesday,
and I made apple crisp.
Then I made Sponge Bob mac and cheese!
Have a great week!