Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple Fun Time

I went home for the first time this past weekend.
It was super busy.
First, there was John Green.
[All Stolen off Facebook]

I almost didn't make it,
but I did miss out on the dinner.
here are some pictures,
This is John Rick Rolling his audience (myself included) on Saturday.
And this is my (Awesome) sister getting our books signed.
(I was with my mom checking out another author.
After my excited time with John Green
(did I mention I shook his hand?!?!?!)
I got to hang out with my friends.
I took Katie out for lunch for her birthday
and then spent a super long time with Adam.
I made apple pie,
and watched Iron Man (one and two)
(really good movies!).
I played Taboo,
made tacos,
and didn't take ANY pictures.

Then I headed back to Putnam.

Now it's Tuesday,
and I made apple crisp.
Then I made Sponge Bob mac and cheese!
Have a great week!

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