Monday, September 10, 2012

Watermelon & Gin Extend the Summer!

So I've been quiet.
That's all because I've been working,
and starting school
so really I've just been reading ALL OF THE THINGS!

But I wanted to share this drink with you.
Mom found and made it about a month ago.
See it's not that I don't have things to tell you!
Time is just never on my side.

I encourage you to give into fall in the crispy mornings.
Let's be real.
Who can't resist chai, pumpkin and apple flavors these days.
It just feels right to sip at tea while zipping up the fleece that hasn't been seen since March.

When you get home from work and the sunny back porch hits 80 for about half an hour,
that's the time to try this drink.
It's actually probably a better decision than ours.
One of these drinks is enough.
There's a lot of gin.

I get it.
You already started drinking your fall flavored red wine and harvest beer.
But I also know that you have that last watermelon sitting on your counter because you couldn't pass it up at the market.
Or it's still in your garden, slowly growing next to the massive zucchini that got away.

That is why I want to offer you an alternative.
A non-acoholic way to drink your watermelon.
Fill a blender with cubed watermelon, juice from one lime and 1/2 cup of sugar.
This recipe courtesy of my boss Deb.
She knows the fancy name for it.
I'm just impressed I remembered the recipe!

So enjoy the last drops of summer.
And don't forget to drink your watermelon!