Monday, March 7, 2011

Noisy Weekend Part II

I woke up on Sunday morning too excited to be tired.
Mom dropped me off in Point,
the first stop in this journey,
and I got all suited up.

I wore #16 Pat Lafontaine.
(I think it was a sign, my birthday being the 16th and all.)

I got in another car and drove 3 hours straight to St. Paul MN.
The second capitol in as many days.

After a little get-to-know-you chat and dinner,
it was hockey time!
The Buffalo Sabres took on the Minnesota Wilds.
It was a super exciting game-
and I saw it LIVE!
We got up by one right away,
thanks to Pominville
with a beautiful set up courtesy of Vanek, and Montador.
It was the second period that the miracles were worked.
Rob Niedermayer got his first goal of the season!
I have faith that he'll finish off the season with a least one hat trick.
The Wilds made a comeback before the period ended though,
so we came into the third tied at two.
Without a goal, I still spent the third period on the edge of my seat.
There was shot after shot that should have gone in on either end of the ice.
McCormick got into a fight, and beat the guy.
So while not statistically impressive, I was excited!
Finally we ended the third tied.
With the one point ensured to the Sabres we had just pulled ourselves into 8th place in the Eastern Conference.
You know what that means?
The official "Sabres-are-in-the-playoffs" dance took up the third intermission.
We celebrated with the other Buffalo fans around us,
and then settled back in to bite our nails for the overtime period.
Stafford made my night.
Single-handedly throwing the puck back where it belonged.
And in the words of Adam,
"We all have a Stafford infection!"
So we won.
We're going to the playoffs.
And I'm defiantly going back.
I still have to see a Gerbe goal,
and Miller in the net!

I'm in love.

PS: This is a really good read, props to Adam (again).

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