Saturday, February 19, 2011

Start the Weekend Off Right

This week has been CRAZY!
I had a Bio test,
and in week four of the second semester school is really starting to pick up.
Then there was this, and this, also this.
If you don't live in or around WI,
or if you have been living under a rock lately,
this is what you've missed.

I walked out of class on Thursday to be part of a rally on campus.
[Not my Picture]
It has been ridiculous,
and stressful
to watch all of this happening in my state,
and my home.
I'm so proud of Wisconsinites!
At the same time
I'm angry that Walker was elected in the first place.

On a lighter note.
I made it to a grocery store and made crab rangoons yesterday.
I'm so excited for when this baking/cooking thing can be an everyday thing,
rather than a special occasion thing.

I hope you're weekend is great!

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