Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Twist on the Wisconsin Fish Fry

Yesterday was Friday, and there is a tradition here in the great state of Wisconsin to eat fish.
Best served fried.
People tell me it has something to do with the Catholics.
(It has more to do with good taste.)

So this past Friday I made some-
with a twist!

 This is the making of honey lime fish tacos.

With a combination of ingredients fresh from the garden to top off the tacos.
Kale, tomatos (not from the garden-but almost) and zucchini.

I love how light the fish turned out.
It didn't heat up the kitchen too much and it was fresh with the crisp veggies and lime marinade.

I encourage you all to give this recipe a try!

Just make sure to pair it with some watermelon!
It makes for a wonderful summer dinner!

Especially on a Friday night in Wisconsin.

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