Monday, July 9, 2012

Simple Cards

Way back in June
(This summer is SO busy-and flying by! I'm sorry for the lack of posts!)
I lead a group of teens at our local library in making cards!
The teen room had some supplies and a lot of paper to use up,
and I was happy to help them out with all of their too-much-paper-troubles.

 What I loved about this batch is not only that they happened-
time really is sparse, by that I mean time I want to do something other than nap.
No. I love how simple they all are.

These days I have all sorts of fun add-ons and my cards turn out busy.
Not that that's a bad thing,
it just is, and I didn't realize it until I was working on these. 

I brought stamps, ink and punches to craft with.
Things that are useful but couldn't really be ruined or used up if a ton of kids showed up.
With no ribbon and only one or two buttons I was challenged to come up with different fun ideas.

With that challenge I rediscover how awesome stamps can be.
And have you met busy paper?!
It's simply lovely!
Also color was a big theme.
Color in the right places-and the strategic lack of it in other places.

I hope you enjoy this simple offering as much as I enjoyed making them!

::Post Script::
It's a MOOSE!!

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