Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tale of a Cake

One night I thought to myself,
Chocolate cake.
That sounds good.
Maybe this weekend I could make a cake.
Then later another thought came.
What if I made the cake now?
I probably have everything I would need.
I might as well just look.
Then I found this recipe.
I had put it in my recipe file for a rainy day.
Chocolate and tea are always good,
especially together.
So why not marry them within another fabulous treat:

It was on this day
(A Thursday actually)
there was born into this world a cake.
Delicious and beautiful.
Birthed by an oven that didn't over heat a summer house.
With the help of a twenty-something with a chocolate problem.
And with this birth there came the inevitable death.
The cake served wonderfully in life
(note the adding of powdered sugar for the pretty factor),
and lives on in the memories of those who delighted in meeting such a slice of joy.

I will end my story with an invitation.
Go ahead and put this recipe if your pile,
or perhaps you have a file.
Save it all the same.
Keep the idea roaming around the back of your brain,
until such a day arrives that you too crave a bit of chocolate cake.
Then pull it out on a whim.
You too might have the ingredients needed.
Give it a try.
I guarantee you're gonna like it!

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