Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthday Cheesecake

I took my aunt out for her birthday dinner a few months ago,
when it came time for dessert
(something I rarely indulge in)
our waitress rattled off the choices and I caught mention of a key lime pie cheesecake.

My aunt and I both love cheesecake so after a look was decided to go for
but we'd share-of course.

I was decadent.
Light were it should have been rich,
and rich were it should have been too sweet.
There were bubbles and velvet blending to make-out on my tongue.
(Not the just-wed-polite-long-kiss but a full on whos-saliva-is-this-mouth-on-mouth combination)

So I decided I had to make it.
I didn't know how.
I'd never done anything with limes before
(gin and tonic mixing doesn't count!)
much less key limes!
I mean what even is that?

The first step was finding a recipe on Tastespotting.
Step two was promising my sister a key lime cheesecake for her birthday.
Step two insures I will do it.
Because Claire never forgets-and never forgives when it comes to cheesecake.

Then, after finals were done and Claire's birthday had passed I whipped up this beauty.
It wasn't hard and I will do this again for sure.
I mean it's a cheesecake with fruit so it has to be good for you!

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