Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Green Cards

I've noticed a pattern in my card making.
I pick a color scheme,
sometimes intentionally,
other times I do it at random by picking out paper that I want to work with.
Then I make a card:

After said first card is made I want to try a variation on afore mentioned color scheme.
But I end up with the same color for the majority of the card.
It's not always because that's what's cut.
(For those who don't make cards on a regular basis;
a regular card is 5 1/2 inches unfolded.
So when card stock is cut-it's cut in half and you can make two cards with one piece of card stock)
I do it because the color intrigues me or something.
Whatever it is the rational is mysterious and unintentional.

I noticed it especially when I did these two cards because I realized I didn't really want to work with green.
I still don't even know if I like the color.
But I felt it necessary to make not one,
but two cards from the same card stock.
In a color I don't like.

I am puzzling.

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