Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Madison's Farmers Market

I had a free Saturday at the beginning of this month
and mom and I stole the opportunity to head to Madison.
We walked in a large circle and bought all kinds of really cool things!

These are the funky carrots we got right before we took a detour to see cows!
Seeing cows is a thing that people in Wisconsin do all the time but it still deserves signs and crowds.
We're strange and proud of it.

Anyway, most of what we bought was eaten up before I got a chance to document that is existed at all.
But this garlic and herb goat cheese was amazing.
Especially paired with Trader Joe's pita chips.
Even better when those chips are in my new bowl from Anthropologie!

So that is my really late post about the yummy fun time mom and I had in Madison.

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