Monday, June 4, 2012

Baking with my Bestie!

A long time ago,
a day after I made a ton
(pretty much literally a ton)
of cookies for Dad's birthday,
Allie came for a visit and we did what we always do.
Everything but cookies.

So this is the late update on the goodies I made with a life-long friend,
who I'm missing today.

We made some fresh strawberry scones.
I lost the one recipe I had that used mascarpone cheese,
but this one is almost as good!

Then Allie made Scotch-a-roos.
I've never made them and only eaten them once or twice.
I was pleasantly surprised at how simple they were
and how fast we had a finished product we could dig into!

Allie's spending the summer in a different state taking summer classes.
I will miss her silly stories and amazing giggle,
but I will see her again before the summer is out.
Perhaps then we can make some lava cake!

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