Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting Started

Summer is just getting started and I have just started my summer baking craze.
I wanted to try infusing water so I bought some oranges and used a lemon mom had floating around.
It's refreshing and healthy!
How exciting!!
But really it was super simple and I think I'll be trying new combinations all summer!

It's my dad's birthday today!
So Happy Birthday Dad!
Instead of making him a card this year
I made him about 16.5 dozen cookies for his students and fellow teachers.
That's a lot of cookies.

Despite the overhaul in cookie making I have Claire's Birthday key lime cheesecake in the oven now,
and Allie's coming over to make some strawberry scone.
And I haven't even touched the rhubarb this year!
To shame!

Well rest assured I'll be back.
With all kinds of yummy goodness!

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