Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be-Bop Boo-Bob Rhubarb Cupcakes!

I've made Rhubarb crisp, heard of Rhubarb jam and even Rhubarb pie,
but never have I ever imagined a Rhubarb cupcake.
It happened though.
 It was one of those recipes you try because you have to.
By knowing the recipe exists the gauntlet has been cast down.
I had no choice.

For those who don't know when someone-or in this case
throws down the gauntlet the challenge must be accepted.
There is no turning back.
The gauntlet throwing is like a double-dog-dare,
on steroids!

Scary stuff man.
Scary stuff.
 I whipped this together last night
doing my cooking dance around the kitchen
while listening to NCIS from the other room.
 Then magic happened.
Magic always happens when I bake,
but especially so when making Rhubarb.
Turning something that is rather (SUPER-DUBPER!) tart
into a dessert seems unnatural.
The kind of thing only magic (of the Harry Potter variety) can achieve.
They were good.
A do-again for sure.

May the force be with you.

PS: In case you noticed, which you probably did because you are, of coarse, very astute (being one of my blog readers you must be-also you're beautiful-thought you should know), I capitalized Rhubarb. Because it is a regal fruit(?).
As noted to make it into things requires magic (and sugar-lots of it.)
But it also requires respect-as all ingredients do-so they will work together for me.
Thats why I capitalize Rhubarb, just in case you were interested/worried about me/puzzled/intrigued. 
PPS: This post with all of its silliness is what happens when a tired girl gets a hold of the world wide web to explain how magical baking can be.


  1. So, did you save me one? Accio Rhubarb Cupcake...why didn't that work? Also, can I have the recipe?

    Also, Ryan will be coming to knitting soon. I have confirmation from the parental unit.

  2. The link to the recipe is attacked to "Rhubarb cupcake."

    I thought you already had one, I apologize for not making double sure that you had your Rhubarb fix.


  3. I didn't see that it was a link. Thanks!

    I'm excited too. I think he's going to have a lot of fun.