Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines-Yeah Plural

This past week was busy.
The one ahead of me will be busier.
But Tuesday was Valentine's Day.
I'm not one for dresses and lipstick,
but when you have a boy who wants to spoil you . . .
So Tuesday was gifts and promises of an actual date when things slowed down in our live.

Which meant Thursday
(basically the end of my week)
was romantic and relaxing in the best way possible!
Dinner and talking can be so nice,
when there's not ten pounds of homework hanging over my head.

I'm still not sold on Valentine's Day.
For me love is something that happens every day.
Care packages and spontaneous gifts are good for 
friends, and
boys, and 
all family members in between.

But I guess sometimes its good to have a day.
Even though the random postcards are cute too.

So I hope you had a good Valentine's week,
and awesome friends and family every other week!
Special thanks to a certain Fred,
that made sure I got through this past week without pulling out all my hair!

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