Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yesterday I decided to take a walk in the park.
While out in nature I found some real treasures.

Lichen lying in my path.
Blown there for my admiration.

Moss stamped into the snow;
leaving the green tentacles dusted in white crystal flakes.

A twisted tree begging me to tell her story;
to explain her unique beauty.

A hollow log waiting for a friend in a colorful hat to stick their head in the hole on the other side.

Spotted trees like a pack of dalmatians taking a break to lick up the snow.

A knotted and twisted tree,
while beautiful on the ground,
lamented the days when it stood.

The path glowing in the afternoon sun.

A crazy tree top reminding me to keep reaching.

Another to remind me it's okay to lean a little in one direction or the other.


A windswept woman.
Peaceful in soul, and ready for the next adventure.

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