Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Care Package

Next week is finals week.
The above picture is the care package from my mother.
So instead of stressing,
I finished my homework and decided to sit down with a cup of mint tea
and write you a blog about how beautiful this season is.
It's been snowing,
and more snow is in the forecast,
that makes me really happy.
I have nine days and then I'm home for breakfast making and stew simmering.
On a completely unrelated note:
Operation Smile so Wide it Hurts
is in final stages.
This epic long distance adventure started with this cupcake.
It ended
(or will later tonight)
with a
huge smile on a special someone's face.
I mention this because the surprise has kept a smile on my face all week,
and the people of SinnersSaintsSweets deserve a shout out for how awesome they are!
Have a great hump day!

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