Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stand Tall

I'm already in love with my new camera!
Can you tell?

In other news,
I'm very behind in scrapbooking.
I have stacks of pictures and
pages of sketches
that just need the time
and inspiration to make them come together.
Slowly I'm chipping away at them.
It's also really fun to be this far behind.
To look back and remember what I've done in the past year.
Makes me really think about what's around the corner for next year!
*Note to self!*
Get through December first.

So here's one page for today.
"Standing Tall"
When I was hiking in Colorado.
Other things that make me especially smily this week:
Christmas cookies are ready to be rolled when I get to them,
I made a trip to Archives today,
and Chapbooks are on the horizon.
the Sabres won last night,
I had coffee with a kid I haven't seen in forever,
(a welcome surprise)
(in case you haven't noticed)
Oh yeah, and I'm going ice skating later today!

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