Sunday, May 15, 2011

Horse Play

Sometime last week,
when the weather was really nice we took advantage.

 We played Ninja!

The rules are pretty simple.
1. Stand in a circle.
2. You have one continuous move to hit, and one continuous move to dodge.
3. The goal is to hit someone's hand with your hand to get them out.
4. Turns for moving go clockwise, but you can hit anyone around you.
5. Move out of turn and you're out.

It can get pretty intense.
(Like camping!)

After a while we got board and I tried to learn how to do a cart wheel.

It didn't go well.
People laughed

And occupied themselves with lifts.
(Yeah, my friends are that cool.)

But we tried again.
This time in sync.

She made it happen.
I wasn't as good.

The teaching continued . . .

Then we gave up.

I love Putnam in the spring!