Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Guess which lucky girl won this beauty last night?!?
That's right THIS girl!

I was chillin' at my desk last night,
ignoring the world and winding down with a little Monk on Netflix,
(Best thing EVER!)
When I got a phone call.
My dad.
Who said to me "Go to the Plume."
I obliged, but was pretty confused
until he qualified that mom was pulling the stings on this operation.

The site loaded and I scrolled, and I scrolled . . .
Then . . . I SCREAMED!
Then . . . I JUMPED!
I am SO happy right now.
I love Mrs. Plume and all of her creations.
Her life is one that I look to.
It's beautiful in all ways!
Now I have another (I have a pair of Old Soul Earrings) part of her,
and her work to keep with me.

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