Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lazy Saturday

November is getting busy,
and December is just around the corner!
Are you ready?
I'm so not.
I have some Christmas gifts,
but I don't even have ideas for some others!

Today though, I woke and my roommates made breakfast!
I put on my slippers and started my English project.

I got quite a bit done and decided it was time for a break.
I got drank some more tea and nibbled on fresh rye bread I got yesterday.
(I am in love with Amherst!)
Then I got started on my Christmas cards!
Here are a few:

Tonight I'm going to Throughly Modern Millie again tonight!
(I went last week too-it's just that good!)
If you live near by and you haven't seen it yet GO!
It's closing so get your tickets fast!

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