Thursday, November 10, 2011


We had our first snow fall yesterday.
After my day was done and the snow took a break I went for a walk with a new friend.
I had to stop at this point to take a picture,
the colors were beautiful,
the seasons,
for once,
were all together.
It was a perfect moment to hold on to,
to breathe with,
and to remember.
Yesterday was a good day.
Snow always makes me feel like a little kid again!
I stomped around in my new boots,
ate some Greek food like it was going out of style,
and painted my self a soup bowl for colder times.

I'm ready for this winter.
I'm ready for fun times,
and serious conversations.
For movie marathons,
and cookie baking.
I'm ready for ice skating,
hot chocolate,
and skiing.
I'm ready.

Hope you didn't get too angry at the snow.

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