Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Made Something!

I would tell you what it is,
but I really don't know.
The French pattern I got from Ravelry called it a collar.
Etsy calls it a cowl.
I call it warm.
An accurate description by my estimation.

This was my second time knitting in the round.
(Remember the socks?)
I think this project was much easier than they were.
Making me realize once again that jumping from scarves to socks is not a great idea,
even if they alliterate.

It was my first time working with circular needles.
One word: AWESOME!
I also tried the stockinette stitch.
I learned later that I did it wrong.
Apparently the stitch doesn't work the same in the round as it does when you're knitting regularly.
On the bright side I learned a different stitch called the garter stitch.
In addition to all that I finally learned the right way to purl.
(Which would have been handy with the socks seeing as how purling was a rather large part of the pattern)
YouTube never fails to amaze and teach!

A big thanks to my sister for taking the photos so they wouldn't be awkward mirror pics!

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