Tuesday, May 14, 2013


As I finish my third year of college I don't know which way to turn.

The future looks great!
Next semester I start the methods block.
That means I get to create a year long curriculum.
A year from next semester I will be student teaching!

This summer I will see two of my favorite people on a regular basis.
There will be wine.
Another favorite person may come road tripping in my neck of the woods.
I've decided to bike the Green Circle this summer.
You always need goals.

But the past has been great too!
This semester has brought me closer to my classmates and my friends.
Since college has started I've learned a lot and met some pretty amazing people!
At this point, I've got more college behind me than in front.
It feels good.

Then again, right now is pretty freaking fantastic!
I leave for Spain on Thursday!!
I will be traveling around the country with the lovely ladies I road tripped with here.
I'm so excited!

I'm sitting here with two finals and an essay to go.
I completed a full semester.
Eighteen credits.
I can't stop smiling!
Life is good,

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