Monday, August 9, 2010

Road Trip

I'm out in Nebraska today on the way to Colorado to see my cousins.
It's a girls road trip!
My mom, sister, aunt, and I are all having a grand time pondering the rocks of the West.
We started our trek on Saturday,
drove all the way to the South Dakota/Nebraska boarder.
When we stopped for gas that night we found tons of crickets at the gas station,
they appeared to be basking in the florescent light.
Yesterday we took more time sightseeing on our was through Nebraska.
We found some really cool rock formations at the Toadstool National Park.
This is my mom and her sister in the rocks.
These are footprints of rinos.
This rock looks like Kill Roy
And after all that walking we stopped for some root beer floats, ice cream, and pie.
We also stopped at a buffalo dig but I didn't think to snap a picture. =(
It was really cool to hear the girl talk though, there are over 600 buffalo estimated to be in this really small area and no one knows why they are there for sure.

Finally we say some antelope along the road as we made our way out of town.
Catch up with you tomorrow-in Colorado!

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