Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catching Up: Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, & Home

We stayed the night in Colorado Springs.
We woke up Friday morning and went to The Garden of the Gods.
This is the peak from the garden.
Rocks, the picture above shows a rock from a long long time ago (the red one)
and a rock from a super duper long long long time ago (the white one-from an inland sea).

After the garden we found a winery.
Mom and Nora did a little wine tasting while Claire and I enjoyed an Izzy.
Then Claire and Nora relished their ice cream
in the small town at the base of the peak while
mom and I walked to the trailhead and then about three miles on the Barr Tail.
This is where we stopped hiking,
you can still see the peak in the background.
If we had started sooner in the day we would have gotten further,
but now it's a goal for me!

We slept in Denver and then drove strait through.
Not the original plan . . .
but with the Iowa State Fair we weren't able to find a place to stay the night.
Either way it was quite the adventure!

But. . .
It's good to be home.

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