Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Denver . . . Finally

We're in Denver!
We walked all around Denver,
finding cupcakes,
and drinking bubble tea.
This was the fence of a construction area
that some super awesome people decided to make pretty.
A group of crafters transformed the chain-link into a garden of yarn.
We went to the Public Library,
a must see for me!
This is their "Teen Space"
I must brag a little here, and say that the Waupaca teen room is WAY cooler.
Don't believe me?
Check it out Here.

So after a long day on our feet we went out to eat with my cousins,
and Fred (a significant other).
We met up at a place called "Charlie Brown's."
It was just a local place that we could sit outside and talk.
I had a great time,
it was fun to be with this family again,
it's been like five years since the four cousins were all in the same place!
Before we went out to eat we found some cupcakes!
We waited until after supper to divulge,
bad idea
Claire was the only one with room left.
But I think she enjoyed it.
Tomorrow is white water rafting!
I simply can't wait!

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