Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spain Part 1: Madrid

I know . . .
I know . . .
But seriously. Adjusting to summer after the semester I just had was hard:
Awesome. But hard.
True life.

I spent ten days in Spain with my mom, her sister, and my sister.
Starting with four days in Madrid.

This is the huge downtown train station in Madrid.
We spent time here. A lot of time.
See the huge jungle-trees?
The water between the trees and the people is full of turtles.

On our wanderings throughout the city we found a botanical garden that we moseyed through.

We also found an art museum that I didn't take any pictures of.
We saw Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali!

In general Madrid was a lot of exploring, eating, and drinking.

I loved starting and ending our travels in such a vibrant city.

And Claire found a tree she loved!

There's not a lot to say about Madrid really.
It took a while to get the swing of vacation mode.
I promise I took more pictures on other parts of the trip.

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