Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spain Part 2: Valladolid

It's pronounced Va-ya-doe-lead.
I think.
We struggled with that.
It was pretty enough to make up for it though!
While we spent four nights in Madrid we took day trips.
This was our first.
Claire spent her semester here so we got to see her school, home, and hangouts.

Her favorite place was this park with the swans and peacocks.
I didn't get a picture of the peacocks,
but I'm sure someone else got a picture of me with them.

That's something I noticed when I got home.
I really didn't take many photos.
I reasoned it this way:
Claire and Nora were taking tons and tons of photos,
so I would have the physical proof if I needed it.
This also gave me more time to simply soak up Spain,
and enjoy my vacation!

Really I was kinda lazy.
It's okay though.
I was in Spain!

This building is a working church that is only half build.
When Valladolid was the capital of Spain the church was started.
When the capital was changed to Madrid the construction lost it's funding, and the church will remain unfinished.

This is a university library!

Doors in Spain were really cool!

This is the oldest Plaza Major in Spain.
(There is a Plaza Major in just about every city.)
Almost all Plaza Majors throughout Spain are surrounded by red buildings.
I don't know why, but it's really neat!

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