Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spain Part 4: Barcelona

I'm behind.
It's mid-July and I'm just telling you about Barcelona.
I'm sorry.
(Gaudi is worth the wait though!)

We spend two days in Barcelona.
The first day we walked around town,
specifically down to the port.

Christopher Columbus sailed into this port after his first voyage to the Americas.
It was here that he reported to the King and Queen.
Also, the statue they have of him to commemorate this points in the direction of Asia.

On the second day we visited Sagrada Familia.
Which is Antoni Gaudi's as of yet unfinished masterpiece of a church.
When he designed this building in the 19th century there were no cranes or lifts.
The technology needed to build it literally didn't exist.

And people are still building.
Working away.
Hoping to finish by 2041.

After that we wandered around and found a hospital also designed by Gaudi.

Next is Porto De Santa Maria.

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