Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spain Part 7: Back to Madrid

It's FINALLY here!
The last installment of of our trip to Spain.
10 days that took the whole summer to blog.

We finished our tour of Spain back where it all started, in Madrid.
We wanted to be closer to the airport and it was nice to return to familiar ground to finish the trip.

Our first stop was a huge park pretty close to the downtown train depot.
There was a beautiful walking path, rose garden, and a cafe complete with a bird feeding waiter.

There was also a hidden glass caste that used to be a greenhouse and now holds an art exhibit.

The castle looks out on a small pond full of swans, ducks and a tree or two.

We spent the afternoon and evening in search of flan.
It started on the plaza major with sangria and ended across the small cobble-stoned street from the first restaurant we ate at.
There was only a small stop in between for a bottle of rose.
In the end we did eat flan in Spain.
Now I've had it in Florida and in Spain!
It tasted better in Madrid with family and drinks!

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