Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Ol' Chocolate Chip Cookies

No matter what day (or what time for that matter) making a batch of chocolate chip cookies can make me feel better. By now I should have the recipe memorized, but it’s too easy to get lazy and just read it off the back of the package, also it's really easy to half make up after the ingredients are gathered.

There are a number of things I love about these cookies:

  1. They don’t require extraneous ingredients, so you can make them almost all the time! (Just double check the status of the chocolate chips, they tend to run out fast.)
  2. If I feel adventurous I can add nuts, or change up the type of chips, i.e. peanut butter or white chocolate rather than semi-sweet.
  3. They are no brainers, (though I have been known to mess up a few batches in my time) so I can multitask. I can whip up a batch and gossip, or dance a little. They are perfect for when friends come over-expected or no.
There are two important stages to keep in mind when making this treat. There is the dough, then the finished cookie. Taste testing needs to occur on both stages. Take spoonfuls and munch while the cookies bake, and cool. Once the cookies sit for a few minutes try one. Make sure it’s not over baked though. They need to be a bit undercooked on the inside, still warm, with just a little crisp around the edges. The perfect cookie would fold in half if it was held straight up for too long, but can hold it’s shape for the several seconds (or less) it takes to get a cookie into a mouth.

So bake some cookies. For no real reason. It's a good idea, really.


  1. You left out making sure that I get some.

  2. If SLAG is going to sell cookies in a jar (or rather the ingredients to make cookies), about how many jars do you think they should make? Do you remember from the last time you did this project? If a 5lb bag of flour has about 20 cups of flour, that will make about 10 batches, right?

    Help me make some decisions on how to do this project, O Cookie Master...