Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's been a while.
But the time away was productively spent.
really . . .
I went to Florida!
That was productive.
Also to start 2011 off right I scrapbooked as soon as I got home.
(More on that later)

This morning we broke in mom's new waffle maker.
They were super good!

So . . . back to Florida.
The first night we were their Claire and I stayed with friends.
Then mom and dad moved us to the bed & breakfast they were staying at.
This was my first night at a b&b and I completely loved it!
Claire and I found a deck of cards on the first night and became pretty competitive at speed.
We made a day trip to St. Augustine
so Claire could meet with a friend she knew through exchange.
Katie, my parents, and I wondered around the historic district.
We found a fort and didn't go in.
We walked to the fountain of youth, but didn't go in.
And we walked up and down the touristy shops and didn't buy a thing.
We did have a good time though.
People watching and taking funny pictures next to monuments.

Later we found a beach.
It was a little chilly for swimming,
but we walked barefoot on the sand
It was a little chilly for that too,
but we're from Wisconsin and we managed.
(And by managed I mean
when we were done with the beach we ran back to Victor
the van
and stuck our feet back in our socks.)

The great adventure of the trip was the Kennedy Space Center.
I learned a lot and got to see were the shuttles take off and whatnot.
It was really interesting
and I would recommend it to anyone traveling to Florida in the near future.

And I almost forgot!
We saw Chihuly!
But we couldn't take pictures inside.
Take my word for it though,
it's was breathtaking.

Back on the home front.
I made cards.
A lot of cards.
Here are a few!

Then I made some pages.
I finally finished scrapbooking Colorado!
Happy New Year.
Have a great January!

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