Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Ol' Wisconsin Tavern

This friday my parents took my sister and I out to eat.
A Wisconsin Friday fish fry.

If you have ever been in Wisconsin on a Friday
and not gone out for fish
you missed an opportunity of a life time
and you simply must come back to give it a try.
On the same line of thinking . . .
Squeaky cheese curds
-direct from the dairy!-
are also a big must for this area.

My parents wanted to try out a new place just around the corner.
We walked in and were met by Packer paraphernalia all over,
in and amongst the deer heads.
We sat down and and ordered.
There was beer on tap
and the bar was the most prominent aspect of the place.
Everyone was friendly
and I could have talked to anyone,
staff or patrons,
about whatever for quite sometime.
It is Wisconsin.

Today I was listening to a Joy the Baker Podcast.
(One of my new favorites!)
And they were talking about red flags.
The tavern we ate at qualified for just about everyone.
But it, and places like it, still have a place in my heart.
Maybe it's because I'm still young
and therefore I'm still up for the adventure
rather than ensuring an excellent experience every meal.

Whatever the case,
I love me some back country taverns.

Thanks for letting me share.

Also-I'm not saying their advice isn't sound.
It is.
Don't go to places with ten page menus,
that't too much.
But I encourage you to adventure.
Cause that's what life is all about.

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