Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank Yous and Baked Goods

It's been over a week now since closing night of Sweeny Todd
and I still don't seem to have my free time back.
I've been so busy I forgot to post my cards and treats for closing night.
Playing a little catch up here they are:

This is my favorite I think.
Sparkly but not too girly!

Oh, but then there is this one.
I love the simplicity of the card.

I liked this one so much I made two.

This card is the first hint of fall in my crafting.
The pumpkin ribbon
(it really is pumpkin in real life)
reminds me of fall harvest and rich fall colors.

On to the baking:

These are lemon cupcakes with a lemon buttercream frosting.
Per Jess' request.
They were amazing and a definite do again.
I got the recipe here, via tastespotting.

These are specially packaged thank yous for people I didn't make cards for.
When I say I have no time I really mean it.
I made literally five cards this go around.
I felt bad because this year there were so many wonderful people who helped out
and I didn't make enough cards for everyone.

This is a strawberry white chocolate chip cake from The Cake Keepers Cake.
It is so moist and yummy it was hard to simply give it up.

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