Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Milwaukee Monday

Monday was an adventure day.
I picked Emily up in Waupaca and made the trek to Milwaukee
(with a quick stop for Jess on the way)

We ended up in the Milwaukee county zoo,
with the elephants.
 (Brittany is in back and Lucy in the foreground)
 The giraffe-who really likes the wall,
and the large cats.
This jaguar was not happy with the tiger below.
It was pretty interesting . . .
the tiger and jaguar were roaring,
and getting closer.
All while the lion around the corner watched with disinterest.

We had a fabulous time!
 Then we hit up the butterfly house!
 Jess got one to land on her finger.
 I got one to land on my knee.
 It was really peaceful to sit with the humidifiers and the light beating wings.
The bright flowers, and blurred colors fling by.
I recommend a greenhouse full of butterflies to anyone who is in need of a vacation.

After getting out of the zoo
and finding a Walmart for all of our grilling needs
we made it to Miller Park.
To tailgate of coarse!

 While we missed the first pitch,
and Cincinnati's first two points,
we had great seats,
and a wonderful time!
 The Brewers won too!
 All together a great day and I can't wait until my next adventure!

 Until then, thanks for reading.

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