Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Jerry brought home pears last week.
This means I have to do something with them.
(At least that's my interpretation and no one has stopped me yet!)
I wanted to try the almost-pie dessert I've been seeing all over the food blogs I follow.

Presenting the Honey Pear Galette:

I'm not going to share the recipe because,
while it worked out in the end,
the recipe was flawed.

 Beyond that I don't know if I'll ever make this again.
I wasn't mind-blowingly-amazing or anything like that.
It wasn't bad and I'm glad I tried it,
but I don't see me using this recipe again.
The concept . . .
The recipe . . .
probably not.

In other news
I have so much to share!
So stay tuned
this blog is going to be hoppin' in the next few days!

Have a nice cup of tea this morning and enjoy the turning of seasons
(if your seasons are turning).


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