Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Collection of Treats

I made another Valentine.
Then I lost inspiration.
I will try to get working again this week.
But I am pretty happy that I've gotten this far ahead!

I ordered myself some tea.
I get a discount through Real Simple,
first heard about the company from the Plume,
and couldn't help myself.

I got a collection of sweet tea that I can't wait to start sampling,
they all smell so good!

This past Saturday was Hartman Creek State Park's candlelight ski/hike.
My parents went last year and by all account had a wonderful time.
While my dad was busy, my mom was glad for the company.
If you get a chance to get to a candlelit even in your area it is completely worth it!
I especially loved it because I knew how much work Fred put into it.
Congratulations to all who helped make the event the absolute success that it was!

Finally, my flowers.
Over break I forgot to remind my roomies
to water my plants and they didn't make it.
I've been missing them!
So when mom offered me a flower for my room I jumped at the chance!
Now I have to work on getting some rosemary and basil replacements.

I hope you had a beautiful weekend!

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