Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The End of Florida and a Promise

Most of the time I spent in Florida reading.
I started and finished The Fault in Our Stars,
then moved on to The Beekeeper's Apprentice.
They were both AWESOME!
And the best part was the sun under which I read them.

Katie tried to show me the best parts of town,
and by that I mean the best places to eat.
On the last day I had a greasy-burger lunch with Kylie and Katie.

Then I found a flower-still weird-right?

I flew back to spend a bit of time in Chicago.
As always I had a great time.
I did have some issues.
I got lost.
And I only took one picture.

I don't know why I didn't try to document other things.
But I really liked the wall . . . .

The promise part comes NOW!
I have been working on some new pages to get myself caught up on my scrapbooking.
I figure I'll share them a little at a time.
So look out for the next few days for scrapbook pages galore!

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