Monday, January 9, 2012

I've Been Around

It's been a while!
Let me fill you in:
I made an appearance at the first (annual?) Stevens Point Tuba Christmas.
Dad and Claire played and it was nice to see all of the regulars from Waupaca.

When the weekend came there was a party to be had and I did my best to look like a girl.
A big thank you to Claire for all of her help!
(It takes a lot sometimes.)

 I had a great time with my room mates and friends
This is Fred-on the left
Have you met my room mate, Caity?
After the party it was back to the grindstone for finals week.
Then home for Christmas.

Being home gave me more time to myself.
I was able to walk both in Hartman Creek State Park with mom,
and across the road with Rube.

It's easy to forget sometimes how lovely winter can be.

Then things started to speed up once again.

I'm in Florida as I write this!
I got here on the forth and I'm heading out again on the eleventh.
All for this girl:

But I have had some time to myself.
In which I have taken full advantage of the sun and I've gotten a lot of reading done.
I finished John Green's newest book The Fault in Our Stars.
It doesn't technically come out until the tenth,
however Barns and Noble sent out some pre-orders early.
I can only say that it was amazing.
Read it.

Have I mentioned how beautiful it is here?
Cause I kind of love it.

While here there has been life changing sauce of last night's supper
(I didn't get a picture-sad panda).
And there have been meals* of frosting and graham crackers.
*And by meals I mean snack-of coarse I didn't eat just that for a lunch . . . DON'T JUDGE!

We also road-tripped over to Jacksonville's MOCA.
They had an interactive insulation.

I'm going to end this post
(there will be more)
with the best thing.
Frozen yogurt like Cold Stone-but all self serve.
And it's frozen yogurt so I can eat more!

I hope you're having a great new year!


  1. Two questions and one comment.

    1. Your TFIOS - signed by JG...did you get a hanklerfish? A yeti autograph?
    2. Why haven't I seen you lately? (it has been too long...)

    And you look lovely in your holiday pictures!

  2. 1. John Green yes-everyone else no. Same for Katie.
    2. Florida. Mainly but for some reason I didn't get to the library over break. What is that?!?!
    3. Thank you! =)